1. About Nihao Motor

Born in 2008, Nihao Motor started motorcycle parts business in Shanghai China. Thanks to the wide partnership with more than 200 parts Chinese factories as well good QC (Quality Control), NihaoMotor can offer more than 10,000 items (SKU) from its warehouse and QC office located in 5 Chinese cities, Chongqing, Taizhou, Changzhou, Guangzhou, Wuxi.

1). Most people think Chinese product means low cost and low quality. But, here the story is different!

Nihao Motor Parts = Low cost

Nihao Motor Parts = Reliable and Stable Quality Parts

2). Our team is trustable and professional

3). Our service covers Wholesale / Retail (including drop shipping)/ OEM your brand.

2. What can you buy from Nihao Motor?

1). Most of the Spare Parts and Components for Chinese motorcycle, gasoline scooter, ATV, cross bike and ebike, electric scooter,including body parts as well engine parts. Some are genuine parts (original),while some are after parts.

Here you can check the available factory list.

2). Motorcycle accessories & tool such as vintage helmet, top case, windshield, universal muffler, modification kit, etc.

3). Café racer parts including vintage tank ,café seat, u hoop, etc.


For any special requirement, you may also send email to us.


email: NihaoMotor@126.com or Whatsapp: 0086 1500852413 or Wechat: 610672217

3. How to buy motorcycle parts from Nihao Motor?

1). If you are dealer or distributor, we offer B2B service. You can get bulk order discount and MOQ (min.order quantity) is 10pcs/item or $1000/shipping.

You can check our trade assurance site on Alibaba.


OEM your brand is acceptable.


2). If you are private,1pc start. Youcan buy from any of our online shop on Aliexpress, ebay or Amazon. All our shops with long history and good reputation.


3). We can also do drop shipping for you.

B2B Wholesale
B2C Online shop